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Taoist Erotic Massage

Massage4Presence is as important to erotic massage as it is to therapeutic massage. Your participation in this experience is being present and letting it unfold. This includes conscious breathing, awareness of how your body responds to touch, and possibly finding that you can explore erotic energy in ways that you weren’t previously aware were possible.

Taoist Erotic massage is about the flow of erotic energy throughout the body. This can heighten and prolong the erotic experience, in a way that you may carry the power of erotic energy into your life in a fuller way. For many who practice Taoist Erotic massage, the experience becomes a powerful spiritual awakening. Some spiritual teachings view erotic energy as a gateway to higher consciousness and union with the Divine. Be who you are and don’t fear expressing what comes up for you it might be words or sounds, laughter, tears, or moving your body. If it is there, feel free to let it out.

The Breath is an important element in Taoist erotic massage. I will coach you to breathe deeply and rhythmically, changing patterns through the massage. The Taoist erotic massage can build to a Big Draw. A Big Draw further enhances the experience by concentrating the energy you have built up into the core of your body. This includes focused, increasingly rapid breathing culminating in clenching your body and breath, holding them tight and then releasing. Like the rest of erotic massage, the Big Draw is about the allowing yourself to feel the experience as it unfolds and not trying to direct the experience.

The best place to learn how to do the Big Draw is at the Body Electric School. The School holds weekend classes called Celebrating the Body Erotic in cities throughout the country. There are classes for men, for women, for mixed-gender couples and for gay male couples. I strongly recommend this class for anyone interested in Taoist erotic massage. It is an incredible experience that can change your life!

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