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Thoughts on Sexual Energy

“…Sexual energy cannot be neatly separated from the rest of the energy spectrum that activates and animates us all. …The expression of sexual energy manifests the deepest and most powerful urge to merge ourselves with another.

“While most of us think of it as just physical, … sexual conjoining involves all three basic dimensions: matter/energy, subtle energies, and consciousness. In the orgasmic release we open ourselves completely to the other, but also give ourselves to the other. In its fullness, this is the most profound recognition of our connectedness not only with the one other, but to all others. In the momentary weakening of our own defenses we simultaneously sense the fullness of our own power.

“That is why western cultures and religions fear sexual energy and try to repress it. They do not want humans to know about and realize the extent of their own powerfulness. By keeping sexual energy boxed up it can be redirected to violence of all kinds or to mindless work.

“People who are sexually alive cannot not be suppressed and manipulated as others can. Being truly sexually satisfied makes possible the use of the rest of the energy spectrum for its most visionary and creative work. Such a use of the mind threatens the hierarchical powers of religion, governments, corporations, and other institutions designed for control of the masses by the few.”

– Paul Von Ward

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