Good Energy Massage

Integrative therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit.


Why My Massage and Bodywork Is Unique

My education includes many modalities and skills in the eastern, western, physical and energetic techniques. My work is a combination of a very broad knowledge base and the capability to work with beginners and more energetically aware individuals. I also bring compassion, presence, intuition and the love of my work and the healing arts to each session.

For me, the power behind touch and healing is presence and intention. Presence is a lot more than being in close proximity. It is awareness, seeing and feeling how your body is reacting to touch, listening to intuition, and fully participating in our time together. Intention creates communication and aligns us to accomplish your goals. I often like to slow it down, to feel the unique structure of your body, and to locate the holding patterns in the body and give those areas more focused attention. In addition to our time together I can offer self-help techniques to use at home to manage stress and discomfort in your day-to-day life.

Benefits of Regular Massage and Bodywork from the Same Therapist

Incorporating regular massage and bodywork as part of your healthcare and lifestyle helps you to feel better about your life. It can help you be more comfortable and at ease in your body and mind. Massage helps reduce stress and muscle fatigue, while filling the basic human need of connection and touch. As a regular client, I get to know you and your body. You get to know my style and develop trust in my skills. Sessions get finely tailored to your specific needs and desires. Our time together develops into a partnership for your health and wellbeing.

Massage and Bodywork Sessions Intentions and Style

To Promote relaxation, stress management and relief of physical ailments to improve your sense of well being using a combination of techniques and modalities: Swedish, Esalen style, Deep Tissue, Thai and shiatsu stretching, as well as the more advanced techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energetic healing, Somato -Emotional release and Somatic Experiencing and more*,

Each session is customized for your intentions and needs.

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