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Celebrating the Body Erotic- with Body Electric. September 21st-22nd

A first step with Body Electric. Come explore your erotic potential through the mind, the body and the heart using conscious breath, movement, process work and massage. When men take responsibility for their erotic education, they realize how much there is to learn about awakening the erotic energy that lies within all of us. They begin to realize the satisfaction that comes from learning how to both give and receive pleasure through erotic touch. The workshop focuses on the entire body and is conducted in a setting that is playful, safe and honoring. A few benefits of this work are:

The participant gains greater acceptance of himself as an erotic being, both physically and mentally.
He discovers ways to develop a more satisfying erotic relationship with others.
He becomes more aware of spiritual dimensions in his erotic explorations.
Celebrating the Body Erotic is a full two-day (one evening and two days at residential locations), often clothes-off workshop (9am-7pm) for those who are ready to vigorously explore new levels of feeling, both within themselves and within a community of men.

Completion of CBE is a prerequisite for attending most intensives, advanced workshops and retreats offered by Body Electric.

$495 for the weekend or $445 if paid by August 20th, 2013.

More info at or call me at 619-204-6602.


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Importance of touch

“Appropriate, affectionate, nourishing touch is one of the main missing ingredients in our social fabric. The very fact that modalities of health care which consciously utilize it are referred to as “alternative” speaks worlds. This is not simply sad; it’s disastrous. It is possible, in fact, to view deliberate non-touching as a form of abuse, perpetuated compulsively by those who were not touched as growing children who now are avenging themselves for the painful and damaging depravations they suffered. This is why as a society we are earnestly in need of ‘touch professionals’, individuals whose life-experience and training have equipped them with both the touching skills and the ethical perspectives that can help sort out the confusions and begin to perpetuate more positive contacts.” ~ from “Touch by the Goddess, The physical, psychological and spiritual powers of bodywork” by Deane Juhan

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Let It Flow – Tears

How wonderful it feels to give in and let tears flow when we are overwhelmed with emotions, whether we are happy or sad. Tears come from the soul, from our well of feelings rising from deep down. When we give in to the prickling behind our eyes and the lump in our throat to let teardrops fall from our eyes, we allow our feelings to surface so they can be set free.

Proud parents shed tears of pride in a child’s accomplishments, a baby’s first step, birthdays, and graduations. Long lost friends fall into each other’s arms, tears rolling down their cheeks when they reunite after years of separation. Tears may flow from us when we are witness to a commitment being made at a wedding or even while we are watching a love story. Tears of relief may spring forth from our eyes when we hear that a loved one has survived an ordeal, and tears may fall when we bow our head in sorrow over a loss or death. Tears born from heartache can flow like they’ll never cease, whether our tears are for a love that is over, a friendship lost, or an opportunity missed. We shed tears because of disappointment in ourselves, tragedy in the world, pain, and illness. Tears of anger can burn with emotion as they fall down our faces. Tears offer us a physical release of our feelings.

Shedding tears can sometimes make us feel better, although it can feel like the tears will never end once the floodgates are open. There is no shame in letting tears flow freely and frequently. Tears are as natural to us as is breathing. There is beauty in allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to shed tears. Open up, release your tears, and let your feelings flow.


When I read this it made me think of my journey over the past 10 yrs and how closed down I was to my own emotions. I remember I had just ended a long term relationship and I was sitting with my Mom, feeling sad, vulnerable and just wanting comfort. Bless her heart but I remember her saying “Men do not Cry, be strong”, I was kind of taken bk a bit and just swallowed the tears. I have learned since that I am a very strong and loving man that has the capability as all men do have our emotions.  I am at a point now that I love ALL of me the good the bad, the sweat and the Tears. I have also learned the more willing I am to be PRESENT and HONEST with myself and others the more open I am to giving and receiving pleasure.

When was the lat time you just let the tears flow? When was the last time you were so touch by kind words, a Movie, a Song?

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Emotional Intimacy By Dr. Margaret Paul

Experiencing emotional intimacy with others is one of the most satisfying experiences of life. Emotional intimacy, or a sense of deep connection with another person or a group of people, occurs when each person is completely open hearted and devoted to taking 100% responsibility for their own feelings and needs. It occurs when each person is deeply connected with his or her own true Self, and connected with a personal source of spiritual guidance. When people are connected with themselves and with a source of love, truth, and wisdom, they become filled with love to share with others.

There is a huge difference between people wanting to get love, intimacy and connection, and wanting to share love, which can happen only when they are each filled with the love from Spirit that comes from taking full responsibility for themselves and doing their inner work. Out of their inner connection and their ability to share love with others comes the fun, the learning, the growth, and the creativity.

Emotional intimacy can also occur when people are open and vulnerable enough to share their fears, pain, and challenges. However, sometimes people get addicted to experiencing emotional intimacy through the sharing of their woundedness, rather than the sharing of their passions, fun, creativity, learning, and joy. While sharing pain can be an important part of a relationship, when it is the only way people experience intimacy, the relationship becomes codependent and dysfunctional.

True intimacy in a relationship comes from a deep commitment with oneself and one’s partner to kindness, compassion, presence, integrity, the intent to learn, responsibility for self, and faith in one’s own and the other’s essential goodness. It is the sweet, comfortable, light, safe feeling that comes from knowing that neither of us is making the other responsible for us in any way – that both of us are fully present with ourselves, with each other, and with Spirit.

Emotional intimacy is the natural outgrowth of developing intimacy with ourselves and our Higher Power. The more inner work we do to heal our fears and beliefs that limit us and learn to be open and honest with ourselves, the more open and authentic we will be with others.

Practicing the Inner Bonding process is a powerful way of developing this intimacy with ourselves and with our partner. Through the daily practice of learning to take full responsibility for our own feelings and needs, we gradually heal our fears and the limiting beliefs that cause our fears of being open, honest and transparent with others. Emotional intimacy is the outgrowth of your devotion to your own inner work.

Emotional intimacy is what takes away loneliness. We may feel lonely when we are alone, and equally lonely when with another or others who are focused in their heads instead of in their hearts. Our western civilization has stressed intellect much more than heart-centered feelings, which is why we are such a lonely society. Our loneliness goes away only when we are able to share our laughter, fun, joy, creativity, honesty, insights, and love with each other. When we are with people who are in their heads rather than their hearts, we may get stuck sharing our woundedness and our complaints, instead of being in the loving creative flow with each other that signifies true emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy feeds the heart and soul. Without it in our lives, we will always feel that something is missing. We can learn to connect deeply with ourselves and with our spiritual guidance, but we are social beings, and the sharing of love is the highest, most satisfying experience in life.

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