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Celebrating the Body Erotic for Male Couples


Celebrating the Body Erotic is a full two-day often clothes-off workshop from 9am-7pm for those who are ready to vigorously explore new levels of feeling, both within themselves and within a community of men.

This workshop is open to committed male couples regardless of whether they have done other Body Electric programs. It is designed for couples who have moved well beyond dating and have been together for a while. In a supportive and hands-on environment, we will help you find new ways to cultivate the love you share with your husband/partner. Using both talk and touch, we’ll deepen communication, add new skills to your erotic repertoire and enrich your intimate life together.
This experience is for men who enjoy one another and appreciate the value of new insight gained about their evolving relationship and goals:

– Couples who want to deepen their communication with one another
– Couples who want to find new ways to express love through touch
– Couples who want to explore and deepen the nature of their commitment and love for one another

Our intention during this long weekend together is to have fun, learn and support one another. With guidance from a skilled facilitator who has 25 years of experience in nurturing male couples, this is an opportunity to examine concerns while searching aspirations and problem-solving strategies – finding practical ways to better cherish and expand our capacity to give and receive love.

This is not a relationship repair seminar. Couples facing problems that threaten the continuation of their commitment are urged to seek help from an experienced gay-affirmative couples’ counselor or psychotherapist.

Call 619-204-6602 for more information or email

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The Feminine Side of Masculinity

The Feminine Side of Masculinity- Nir Arieli's

The Feminine Side of Masculinity-

How beautiful is the man that can show up and be so exposed with his truth and vulnerability? Dynamic balance in all things, right?”The Good/The Bad, The Light/The Dark, The Masculine/The Feminine we all have these traits that reside within.  Do you accept these traits or run from them because societal stereo-types tell you do so? Embrace all of you you are, Its a gift to yourself and the world. See the full set here as seen in Huffington Post

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REAL is the new SEXY

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Real is the new sexy

Real is the new sexy

A friend shared this on Facebook.The post speaks to me and how I operate in the world. Keep it real people. It takes less energy.

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