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Somatic Experiencing Certification

 Last year I started a new traing in Somatic Experiencing with the Human Enrichment Foundation. I was drawn to the work after doing a one year introduction to Bioenergetic therapy and was referred to the SE work by one of the instructors . What drew me to the work was how it relates to the body and our emotions and how they affect one another. I have just completed the sixth class (Intermediate 3) and two more to go. Advanced 1 in June and Advanced 2 in October. I look forward to contiuing this joureny and to share the work with my clients.

What is Somatic Experiencing (SE for short)? 

In short, Somatic Experiencing allows your nervous system to gently release stress and trauma through body awareness, completing healthy instinctual and self-protective responses to events that have had a negative impact on your life.

What should I expect during an SE session?

Similar to talk therapy we will have a dialogue about you and your body. The SE work blends vert well with Cranial Sacral therapy,my Tantric sessions as well as my therapeutic massage. When the dialogue, the touch and enhancing your awarness  your nervous system can return to homeostasis.

During a session, I help you to deeply connect with the sensations of your body and help you to become consciously aware of your inner and outer resources that strengthen your health on all levels. Through this awareness, I will help you reduce the impact of mental, emotional and physical stress and trauma. My intent is to provide you with the experience of safety and calm while you transition your focus to joy, healing, and pleasure.

During a session, you may notice a gradual discharge of your nervous system. This occurs in several different ways: trembling, shaking, twitching, tingling and vibrating sensations. You may also become aware of temperature differences, expanded breathing, and skin and digestion sensations. Crying, laughing and yawning may be part of your experience as well. All these responses are therapeutic and often can come with a sense of unfamiliarity. Please be assured that these reactions are welcomed and restorative to your nervous system.

Somatic Experiencing is ideal for psychosomatic issues such as pains in the body that may be related to emotions. If you are suffering from syndromes or symptoms that cannot be explained medically, I strongly encourage you to explore Somatic Experiencing.
My clients have loved the integration of the work and have noticed a difference in there own healing and well being.

Please feel free to ask any questions if you would like to know more.

-Micahel Riley

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