Good Energy Massage

Integrative therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

FREE- INTRODUCTION TO BIOENERGETIC ANALYSIS- (This workshop is open to the public)

Bioenergetics is a relational type of psychotherapy based on the premise that a person’s history is manifested in the energetic processes of the mind and body. Mental and emotional abuse as a child can be a direct cause of general anxiety, depression or other hidden emotions that manifest in physical and mental abstractions such as stress in various forms, post traumatic stress disorder, post partum depression, chronic pain and phobias.

If you have heard about Bioenergetic Analysis or Bioenergetic Therapy and would like to learn more, you are invited to attend our next introductory experiential workshop. Experience the practical application of body techniques and deepen your understanding of working with psychological issues from a somatic perspective. You will have an opportunity to meet some of our current trainers, program graduates and students.

February 28, 2009
Swedenborg Hall
1531 Tyler Avenue
San Diego, CA

1767 Grand Ave., Suite 4
San Diego, CA 92109
For questions regarding this workshop call Diane at (858) 444-7126

Also visit

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